Why I Joined Monat- Even Though I Previously Hated MLMs

A little over a year ago I read about Monat on another bloggers post. I was intrigued, because as a hairstylist I had tried everything. I was using top-of-the-line, incredibly high-end, expensive hair care. I thought it was making a big difference on my hair, but I entered her giveaway for free product just in case. I didn't win, and I mostly forgot about it. 

I watched her continue to work her biz. Occasionally she shared posts about the products and also about the business. I kinda just sat back and watched, but the more I watched, the more interested I became.

When I finally took the leap to try the products, I did it for one reason only: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. I knew that if I did not like the products I could return them and get my money back, it was risk-free! 

After my first wash I was hooked. I immediately signed up as a Market Partner. I figured, worst-case scenario I was going to get an amazing discount on these products. And best-case scenario I could make a little extra money to help my little family as we started foster care.

I honestly hated MLMs before this. I had purchased products from a few, and had many that I liked. I hated them because I felt like the selling of an MLM product consumes the life of the seller. I felt like they try so hard to sell that they come across as really insincere and pushy.

I promised myself when I signed up that I would not be cold-messaging people. Is that a way to grow a MLM business quickly? Yes! But it wasn't my style. I've taken a more hands-off approach and even though I'm not making $10,000/month I AM making money and making enough that it is worth it.

I saw the beauty of MLMs as I did my research. Instead of paying for millions in advertising, Direct Sales companies pay that advertising budget out to their consultants/Market Partners/sales people. It's not a scam, it's not a pyramid-scheme. In fact, often times Market Partners can outrank those they signed up under.

We have a great product. I've never used anything on my hair that actually helped solve my hair traumas. My mother, my friends, people I met on the internet are USING this product from ME and love it! People I thought would never buy from me, people I did not pressure, but I allowed them to make the choice.

I am here to educate not sell. If you have questions about hair products I will answer them, even if they are not about Monat. I love talking about Monat because I believe in the company, I believe in the ingredients, in the clinical trials, and in the before & afters that I share. I call it magical shampoo because it has transformed my hair.

If you have been watching and are interested in trying the product and/or joining this booming business, email me at brooklynjolley@hotmail.com with Subject Line: "Monat Love". I would be happy to see if this would be a good fit for you!

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