January Goals

I wrote a post earlier this week about my 2017 goals. They are very broad, long-term goals and each month I plan to zero in on a few of them to really make them come to life! I use the Powersheets from Cultivate What Matters (which have been an amazing tool for me!) and they narrow it down to daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Here are my January goals.


+ Oil pulling
+ SIT time (This is my scripture study/meditation/journal time)
+ Yoga Practice
+ Post about Monat
+ Greens (Right now I'm using It Works Greens from Colleen!)
+ Probiotic (I'm currently taking a probiotic from GNC)
+ Skincare Routine 


+ Blog
+ Read for 30 minutes straight (I try to read daily but I want to really enjoy 30 minutes of pure, undistracted reading
+ Date night
+ Meal Plan
+ Cook a new recipe


+ Create a weekly cleaning routine
+ Buy a vegan cookbook
+ Finish foster care licensure
+ January Monat posting plan to simplify business
+ Temple Date
+ Workout Schedule for January
+ 3 hour "Brooklyn Date"

I am SO excited to continue working on these goals. 2017 is going to be AMAZING!

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