February Goals // 2017

January was good. Some of my goals changed a little bit as the month went by. For one, I canceled my membership at the gym where I was doing yoga. Honestly, as much as I love yoga it was not my favorite gym to go to. So I switched  to a gym my husband would start attending with me and we have been way more consistent since. If a goal isn't working, CHANGE IT! Goals are supposed to inspire you, not bog you down. I've changed my workout routine a bit which you'll see below. 

So I completed my February Powersheets prep last night and figured while I had some time I would share my February Goals. 


+ Schedule next 2 dentist appointments. (This is something that has been in my mind for MONTHS. I need to make this happen so I'm just going to schedule my next two to get it over with.)

+ Set phone to be on "Do Not Disturb" from 9 pm - 8 am each day. 

+ Turn off social media "dings" (I've been meaning to do this for awhile, so I figured I may as well make it a goal!) 

+ Read 2 books

+ Write Monat Thank You's (I've been so blessed by support in my Monat business and want people to know how grateful I am for their support!)

+ CPR/First Aid Certification (This is a specific step toward Foster Care licensure. We are getting closer!)

+ Brainstorm sesh for my secret project (Ahhh I'm so excited. Stay tuned for more info)

+ Temple Date Night

+ Clean Out Closet 

+  Plan March Powersheets


+ Write & Post a Blog Post 

+ Journal (I've been slacking at my Sunday journal writing and want to get back into this habit) 

+ Write Colten a love note 

+ BBG 1 (I'm doing the Kayla Itsines BBG Workouts, but I'm modifying just a little bit to respect my body. I'll be doing 2 of the workouts each week!) 

+ BBG 2

+ Prayer Warrior Journal (I really want to spend some more time in quiet and prayer. I've been wishing I could do more to help the world, and while I know praying doesn't solve anything, I do believe that God has so many blessings waiting for us, we just have to ask! I'll also be asking for prayer requests each week, so watch for those!) 


+ Greens (Green smoothie, It Works Greens, Actual Green Veggies, Terra Greens from Doterra I don't care! I've just gotta do it.) 

+ Scriptures 

+ Skincare Routine (Still trying to make this a habit!) 

+ 10 Push Ups ( I have the weakest upper arm strength so I'm hoping this might at least help a little!) 

+ Biz Post (Monat, Salon, Doterra or Blog. Just something that spreads the word of the things I love!) 

+ Talk to God 

+ Kiss Colten 

Now tell me, what are your February goals! If you blog, leave me a link below so I can come read! 

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