12 days of christmas for wives

Tis the season! Who isn't loving the holiday season? Because I know I am loving it. All the candy, baked goods, Christmas music, and wrapping presents, I'm in heaven. But as I was listening to the radio the other day, I heard the talk show host read some statistics. They were talking about how couples often have the most marital problems during December. During Christmas?! How sad is that? But when you think about it, there's a lot of stress that comes with this wonderful time of year. Money problems, deciding how much time to spend with the inlaws, extra loads at work to make up for the time you'll have off, crowded stores, snowy roads, etc, etc, etc! 

So as I was emailing back and forth with my Jolliest of All Sponsor Amberly from Life With Amberly & Joe. We decided it would be fun to create a 12 Days of Christmas for wives, to help us focus on loving our husbands these last few days before Christmas. Between the two of us we came up with 12 ideas, one for each day until Christmas starting tomorrow. Will you take the challenge?


Day One: Tell your husband you are so grateful you married him
Day Two: Make his favorite breakfast and serve it to him in bed
Day Three: Put your phone, computer, tablet, etc, away for ONE HOUR and spend quality time with him
Day Four: Tell him five things you love about him
Day Five: Give him a break & do his chores for him
Day Six: Text him just to see how he's doing
Day Seven: Do an activity, or watch a movie with him that he loves that you wouldn't normally want to do
Day Eight: Make or buy his favorite treat
Day Nine: Point out something your husband does well, such as a spiritual gift, talent, or work
Day Ten: Dress to Impress! Do something a little extra to make yourself look nice for him. Wear eyeliner, put on perfume, wear heels, curl your hair, whatever it is that he loves!
Day Eleven: Write your husband a Christmas love note. As sappy as you'd like! Put it under the tree with the other presents
Day Twelve: Make it a point to cuddle with your husband while doing nothing else but just enjoying each other's company

It has been such a pleasure to have Amberly as my Jolliest of All Sponsor. She's a peach! If you're looking for other ways to improve your marriage, she has a post with a Christmas Date Night Bucket List that is full of fun ideas for the holiday season! She also recently wrote a post about Finances in Marriage, and she is my all time FAVORITE blog to sponsor and her rates are totally inexpensive. So do yourself a favor and go say hi! She's also helping host a HUGE giveaway for a year's worth of ad space on some of my favorite blogs, it's worth entering!

How do you intentionally love your husband through the holidays?

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Amberly said...

I love this collaboration post of ours! :)It's so good, and I love all of the things that you came up with :)

Kimberly said...

A couple years ago my friend did the 12 "lays" of Christmas. Her husband loved it AND they got a little girl ;)

Becca said...

This is such a cute idea!

Charlene Maugeri said...
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Charlene Maugeri said...

I am totally doing this! I am going out of town on Sunday and my husband won't be joining me again until next Saturday so the things I have to be there fore will have to wait. But I think I can still do it. :) These ideas are so cute!

Elizabeth Lynn said...

I really love this--you guys have such great ideas!!!

Rachel said...

Aww!! These are all very fun and loving, simple ideas! There's not 12 days left but I know I can remember to do something special to bless my husband every day!