date night: forgotten carols

A few weeks ago, Mr. Jolley surprised me with tickets to one of my favorite Christmas traditions ever... The Forgotten Carols! I love musicals and plays, and The Forgotten carols is one of my top favorites I've seen so far in my life.

The play focuses on the carols of "forgotten" people. Such as the innkeeper who turned Joseph and Mary away, and a sheperd who fell asleep when the angel came to announce the birth of baby Jesus. The songs touch my heart and help me focus on the reason we actually celebrate Christmas.

And although Mr. Jolley didn't LOVE it, and some of the cheesiness sent him into fits of laughter, he came with me, and that meant a lot. I don't know how he didn't love it though. I married a crazy man I guess ;)

Have you ever seen Forgotten Carols? If not, get on YouTube and look up some of the songs! You won't regret it!

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Amberly said...

Ah, at least he laughed about it instead of being grumpy about being there I guess!