date night: see catching fire

Last week I FINALLY saw Hunger Games: Catching Fire! Oh my most amazing movie ever! I'm still living inside Katniss's world. It's incredibly done and really pulls at all my heartstrings.

We decided for date night to go with two other couples and do a little group date night. And the best part is because we went on Tuesday it was $2 off regular admission AND we had a coupon for free popcorn! Be sure to check your local movie theater to see if they have any week night deals and check their websites for coupons for snacks! 

I love seeing movies with my husband. I know we don't get to talk through the movie, so it's less personal, but it's relaxing to me. And on top of that, it gives us something new to talk about. And with Catching Fire, there was tons to talk about, especially because I've read the book and Mr. Jolley hasn't. 

Unfortunately we forgot to get a picture of us, but just know we were both happy little clams caught in a movie while holding hands. Cheers to love!


On a different note, I had the opportunity to do a review for a company called Red Cup Living. Now don't check out yet, because these cups are the best gift for someone who is hard to buy for!

Use code REDCUP15 for 15% off your full order!

RED CUP LIVING is a company that was founded when a husband and wife team decided to rekindle their neighborhood’s sense of community by holding more gatherings with… red cups, and the concept of what it stands for, camaraderie, chilling out, hanging at parties, tailgating, relaxing with friends and family etc etc etc J You can read more about how the company came to be and the concept on which it celebrates its very existence here:

I ordered two 32 ounce reusable cups and lids to go with them. My husband has taken his to work and gets compliments almost every day on it. We ended up giving the other one to my Dad (who is SO hard to buy for) and he loved it! I think these make the perfect gift, but they are also great for those of you who host lots of parties and don't want to waste a bunch of Red Solo Cups in the process. Cheers to living greener!


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abigail louise said...

you are adorable! cutest blog

Ashley Z. said...

I love cups or anything that comes with lids. hahaha i have so many already!

Night Owl said...

Your blog is the best. I love reading it and get happy when i see new updates.

I heard the hungry games was good too.

McKenzie said...

oh my GOSH i was totally fangirling when i went to see catching fire!! i cried within the first 10 minutes. haha. love it! great date idea:)

Rachael @ Pretty in Pink said...

Those cups look great!

Elizabeth Lynn said...

Ahhh--We went on a Catching Fire movie date too! I LOVED it! So glad you two had fun. :)

gayle @ grace for gayle said...

Oh, I need one of those cups. NEED! :)

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