Malibu miracle repair review

I have fallen in love. Of course with my husband, but also with this amazing little deep conditioner packet! 

I talked with one of my teachers at my school about my hair troubles. It's dry. And brittle. I want my hair to be smooth, and silky soft. It seemed like I tried SO many Paul Mitchell products with nothing really solving my problem. She told me to try something extra moisturizing, so I dropped by a local beauty supply store and asked the employee what moisturizing products they have. She directed me to this one. I took it home, tried it, and have fallen in love with it. 

I left the conditioner on my hair while I took a long bath so it could really do it's job. I always leave conditioner on longer than they recommend! When rinsing my hair I immediately noticed the change, SO SOFT! So I took a chance and decided to blow dry my hair, something I don't usually do. I was blown away by the way my hair felt, but also how it looked. 

As a bleach blonde, my hair tends to always look damaged, but my hair looked luscious. I felt like I had movie star hair! 

I have since gone back and purchased more packets. I'm a believer! The packets can be purchased on Amazon for just over a dollar a packet. A total steal when you could pay $20 for a similar treatment at a salon. 

Do you have any deep conditioning product you swear by? 

(PS. Unfortunately I was not compensated in any way for this post. I purchased the product by my own free will on a whim and all opinions are real true life!)

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Aubrey said...

I never deep condition, but I probably should. Everything I do damages my hair. Maybe I'll try this one.