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I don't have a long post for you today. I don't have a graphic to go with it, and I don't have a clever title. But I do have a testimony.

That there is a Savior. That He loves us all, and knows EVERY pain we feel. He was betrayed by his friends, people made fun of him, and His teachings were rejected. Yet He continued to live his life in quiet simple ways, that forever touched the hearts of others, and continue to change the world today.

What if we each lived a life of quiet confidence? What if we each knew that making personal connections, and caring for others can change their lives forever? What if we were more forgiving? More selfless? More Christlike?

What if we took this new year as an opportunity to start over. To love our husbands more, to spend more time unplugged from social media, and to cultivate our talents. What if we said yes to experiences that help us grow? And what if we started to say no to unnecessary crazy?

What if we spoke Christ's name more often? What if we talked about His love and majesty? What if we told Him we want Him to be our best friend? What if we studied His life and teachings, and tried to emulate his perfect example?

We each get the same 24 hours a day. Just like Christ did. And I intend to make the most of them.
every. single. day.

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Elizabeth Lynn said...

Wow, so simple but yet so powerful.