getting past bad hair days

Anyone who has ever had a bad hair day raise your hand. Okay, I'm glad I'm not alone. 

I seriously can let bad hair days get to me. They KILL my confidence. Pure confidence killer. Like, bad hair days literally make me grumpy, and it's hard to control! And suddenly I'm on my 64th ounce of Coca Cola and I'm watching some sappy chick flick and wishing I could just be Jennifer Aniston. 

I wish I knew who to credit this piece of wisdom to, but awhile ago I heard someone speak and she said this... 

"Every morning you should do everything you can to make yourself look lovely and beautiful. And then the minute you walk out the door of your house, FORGET ABOUT YOU and focus on others." 

There are much bigger problems in this world than my bad hair day. Does it still suck? You bet it does. But I find that even on bad hair days, if I focus on improving someone else's life, whether through my words or actions, I feel better about myself. 

Does God care about my bad hair day? I promise you that he does. And believe me, I pray to him about bad hair days pretty frequently. I ask him to help me turn my focus elsewhere, and to use me to change someone's life.

 So are bad hair days all that bad? I guess if they are leading me to "live higher" (Isaiah 59:9) then maybe they aren't so bad after all. 



Angela said...

Great advice!! I definitely want to start focusing on that.

Manca* said...

Wise words! :)

SaraM said...

I love this! For me, it's bad face days, ya know? I hate acne! But focusing on more important things than myself definitely helps!


Kelsey Eaton said...

Oh hey that was me that posted that haha!