Christ-Centered Life During the Holidays

This post was written by Amanda from We & Serendipity.

Since Thanksgiving has ended, and Black Friday haunted us, me, I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about Christmas, people, and the meaning of Christmas.
You guys, people are insane. People are absolutely crazy. At one point, I was scared for my life. And it was in the mall. I totally understand that people are trying to get things ready for Christmas, trying to get the perfect gifts, and trying to get the best deals. But I truly think people, including myself, lose sight of the importance of it all. That’s why this year, I decided to make a list of things I am going to actively strive to think about and do in order to keep a Christ-centered life, ESPECIALLY during the holidays.
1.       Calm down on the decorating
When I asked my friends about this, they agreed. I’m not the only crazy one. I get so obsessed with Christmas. I feel like I have to have every aspect of my life decorated. My house smelling amazing 24/7, Christmas lights everywhere, and the perfect Christmas wreath, all of it had to be perfect. It’s funny, because this year, I put just a few things up to help my husband and I focus on one thing: Christ. The crazy decorations are fun, but not always necessary. Especially when we get carried away in what image our house is displaying versus what image we need to focus on throughout the holiday season.
2.       Spread Holiday Cheer 
Lately, when I’m at the store, I notice every single person there is super cranky. Traffic sucks, YES. Lots of people can suck, YES. But don’t let it ruin your experience this year because of other people. I always find it fun to serve others. Get your neighbors gifts, do something nice for someone! You don’t have to make a lot of money to serve somebody. It can always be small & simple things.
3.       Holiday Date Nights

Every year, my husband and I have some fun date nights planned centered around Christ. Some of these include going to see nativities, going to look at the lights at temple square, and even at-home date nights that allow us to learn more about Christ.

4. Lastly, in order to keep a Christ-Centered Life during the holidays, we must think of the Savior more than ever.
I truly believe it is important for us to put away the distractions, and gain a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father.  That is what it is all about. This list is short, but very simple. Focus on Christ, and your holidays will be perfect. The inpatient crazy people at the store will no longer bother you, and instead, you will make an impact on others with your attitude. 

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Kristin DiCristofano said...

I love this list. This season is truly about Him and it's all too easy to get caught up in other things. Thanks for the inspiration! I feel like I need to make a list of how I can keep my holidays Christ-centered as well.