How I Got Started Blogging

When I was entering my sophomore year, I had notebooks on notebooks full of uplifting quotes and stories. I guess you could say I collected them. When I heard about blogging as an online opportunity to record stories from your life I knew that this might be a better option than collecting hundreds of notebook.

That's how I got started blogging! I started out posting sporadically when I cam across things that I wanted to save. Eventually, random bloggers started commenting on my blog, I'd click on their profile, see who they were following, and blog stalk away.

Then I found out people got free clothes for blogging! And some people made money from blogging! I loved sharing my thoughts and stories with strangers, it was fun and liberating. It was a snowball effect that slowly led through 3 blog names and brought me here.

Blogging is one of my favorite hobbies, and I'm so grateful for all the relationships that it has brought me to, especially how it led me to my husband! Read that story HERE.

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jenny Albertson said...

I used to do that in high school too with notebooks. I didn't start any blogs until a few years after that though. then I took a long 4 year break from it all together. Glad to be back. Love your story.