Tips for Avoiding the Comparison Trap

hi i'm aubrey from dreaming about someday. i've been around here before, and i'm excited to be back.

i love social media, but sometimes it gets a bit of a bad reputation. it's great for keeping in touch with friends, connecting with people, communication, and many other great things, but there is also the potential to compare yourself/your life to what you see on the screen. it's easy to see what other people have/what they're doing/how they look and get jealous/sad/mad. we all know the feeling. it's pretty miserable so here are my tips for avoiding the comparison trap.

1. keep a written list of all the great things about your life

when you find yourself wishing you had what someone else has, a list helps you feel happy about what you do have.

2. set goals 

it's hard to be jealous of others when you are busy celebrating your own achievements.

3. be kind to yourself

appreciate what you do have and how hard you worked to get what you have

it takes a little effort, but we really can be perfectly happy with the life we have.


Claire C. said...

I hate the comparison trap! Andy Stanley had a great message on it a couple years ago that this is reminding me to go revisit.

Ashley Z. said...

I'm having a hard time with jealousy right now so this is perfect. Thanks Aubrey!

Whitney @ Southern Hope said...

Love these tips Aubrey! Social media can be such a blessing and a curse.

Kimberly said...

Aubrey! You are one of the most cheerful and kind people I know. When you love yourself, it just radiates to others, and your so good at that!! I love this list, I need to post it somewhere :)

Tayler Morrell said...

I love these! I've started to keep a gratitude journal because I've been hit big by the green monster, not just for my blog, but the position many of my friends (with similar ages of kids, years out of school, and experience in the work force) is "better" than mine. I'm trying to teach myself that what I have and where we are in life is where we need to be.