The Best & Worst Marriage Advice I've Ever Recieved

When I got engaged it seemed like everyone had advice for me. Some was good and some was... not so good. So today I'm sharing the best & worst pieces of marriage advice I've received.


1. Be grateful you have someone to clean up after.
I'm grateful I have someone to do the dishes for. I'm grateful I get to fold his clean clothes, and take out the trash occassionally. How luck am I to have someone so amazing to clean up after?

2. Be unselfish.
I don't think I realized my selfish tendencies until I got married. I always considered myself a giving, loving, self-less person, but getting married showed me how much work I have to do. Putting Colten above me is a learning process, I'm not perfect, but I'm truly happier when I choose to make him happy.

3. Make date night a priority. 
We used to do date night just whenever we "had time". Then we realized even as a newlywed couple without kids, you don't just have time to go out, you have to MAKE time. Now every Thursday night with few exceptions we go on a date, and those precious moments alone with him, both of us disconnected from electronics are my favorite moments of the entire week.

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Charlene Maugeri said...

Girl I am so selfish! I realized after I got married that even when I'm acting not selfish, I have selfish motives! Crazy! Also, I totally agree on all your worst pieces of marriage advice. Especially the going to bed angry one! I have to have my sleep. I always feel better in the morning and am more rational! Thanks for writing a guest post and I love that you did half and half on each of our blogs!

Kristin DiCristofano said...

Love this! The best advice I recieved was give everything and expect nothing. The worst was never go to bed angry.

jenny Albertson said...

I agree with the make date night a priority. It's really hard to stay connected and intimate with each other when you have no alone time together.