My 2015 Word of the Year

Every year around this time I choose a "Word of the Year." 

In 2012 I chose the word patience. I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere in life and decided to just enjoy the season I was in and wait in patience for the future.

 In 2013 that word was trust,, I had no clue that just 3 months into that year I would meet my future husband. I knew that it was the right decision to marry Colten, and I trusted that it was God's plan for us to get engaged just 8 weeks after meeting. I've seen so many blessings from saying yes that night.

 In 2014 I chose the word fearless. I graduated cosmetology school, a choice that many disagreed with. We decided to buy a house at 21 & 23 years old, which was a SCARY huge commitment for me. We got a dog, which was really scary for someone who has always been a little afraid of dogs, and now he is the love of my life.

Dress c/o Eshakti

Now we are on the brink of 2015, and I've chosen a new word... NOURISH.

I want to nourish myself physically by learning to eat healthier. I'm not familiar with many healthy foods, and there are many I don't like. But I want to take this year training my body to want the junk food less, and want the earth foods more.

I want to nourish myself spiritually by spending time in the scriptures every single day all by myself. I've seen the blessings of scripture study and want to keep myself spiritually nourished every single day. 

I want to nourish myself emotionally by saying "No" to unnecessary crazy. I will speak kind words to myself, and celebrate small successes. 

I want to nourish myself mentally by starting school again, and completing my associates degree in May. 

I'm grateful for pretty dresses that make me feel like I can conquer the world. Like this gorgeous one from Eshakti. They want to empower you too, so they are giving one of my lucky readers a $50 gift card to their site!

Giveaway only open to residents of USA & Canada.

And if there's something you're just dying to buy, you can use code alittletoojolley for 10% off your order. Enter it into the promotional code box, it is not case sensitive. Code can be used any number of times. It is not valid on sales/promotional/clearance/gift cards. Not applicable on previous purchases. 

 Are you picking a word of the year? 

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Ashley Z. said...

Love that word!

Life with Amberly said...

I love that you shared how each word impacted your life those years. You definitely did a lot with your 2014 word of Fearless and you ran with it! :) Good job!!! I'm excited for the goals that you've set in 2015!! :)

Amanda Schroeder said...

Yes! (As I tweeted you), I'm choosing, "Charity" this year.

As far as what I would buy, I was DYING over your dress that you posted! I WANT THAT and might just buy one similar to it :)

Victoria Meyers said...

this dress is my favorite (and on sale too! oh dear...):

Laurita Martinez said...

I would buy a Floral digital print cotton sateen blouse because I think it would look great with my black pencil skirt. :) Thank you for the giveaway!

Mindy said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!!!!! I am changing my word of cheese to trust if it means I get married this year! ;) P.S. I like your word choice for 2015. :)

Jodi H said...

I like the idea of picking a word.
xx, Jodi

Kelly Clark said...

Bahaha I agree 100% to everything Mindy said^^^. Also, currently I'm liking the Dahlia skirt :)

Tayler Morrell said...


Riley Justesen said...

I am in LOVE with eshakti. I have this one dress in mind that has black and white like, brush strokes? on it. It's beautiful! There is also one that has gorgeous embroidered flowers all over the chest. Love it!

Sarah Grace said...

Wow. There is so much to choose from. I really like all their fit & flare dresses. I think I would try the Floral Spray Embroidered dress in navy/orange. I also really like the Floral Blouson dress they have. I bookmarked the site to keep in mind because it is so hard to find a dress or skirt in my size given that I'm short, but still have "healthy" measurements.

Kaylee Oliver said... Love it!

flowerchild said...

I would purchase the Chelsea dress

Notes from a Newlywed said...

Ooh great giveaway! I would get one of their skirts for sure. I need some nice modest, versatile pieces to add to my wardrobe!

Aubrey said...

i love the word nourish! what a perfect word for improving yourself throughout the year. so many of the words of the year seem to go together so well. my word is focus, but i think nourish could go right along with it.