Christmas is almost here!

Man, it seems like it was just December 26th and I was mourning the end of the Christmas season, yet somehow, it's here again! We have yet to put up our tree, but we plan to do that today hopefully. Ya know, when your water heater breaks and your car is leaking gas, husband has higher priorities than setting up the Christmas tree.

Despite all the things that have gone wrong since moving into our house, we feel so blessed. And Benson & the cats love having a ton of room to blow around the house. I keep calling Benson our little Christmas puppy, don't you think he would look cute with a bow on his head all wrapped up for a Christmas present?

How cute is this headband from Kabat And Co?  Wearing it today make me want to watch The Santa Clause and cuddle up with my husband. 

Kabat & Co also sells pillows, this one and this one would totally match our new bedspread! I love all their headbands though. I love that if you're having a bad hair day you can throw one on and look fabulous! I'm eying this Mustard & Lace one, this Houndstooth one, and this polka dot one!

What's your favorite item from her shop? Leave a comment and you're entered to win the opportunity to get FREE ad space on my blog. Go check out her shop right now!

Oh, and happy holidays.

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Lauren @ Genuinely Lauren said...

That is SUCH a cute headband! And such a good price for it too. I'm looking at their Etsy shop right now and see that they have a matching scarf with the headband as well.

Ashley Wright said...

Love this giveaway! Seriously though those headbands are to die for!

Megan Fussell said...

How CUTE are these pictures! I will definitely be making my way over to check out those headbands. Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!

Tayler Morrell said...

I also love the Christmas reindeer one!