How to Get Pumped For the Gym

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If you're like me, you dread going to the gym. I'd much rather stay at home, drink hot chocolate, watch Bones, and do some design. I love spending my time after work just relaxing before having to go to sleep to get up for the next day. Knowing I have to take time out of my day to go run is just awful. It feels like a chore most days. I know, I know, that's bad.

But I'm here to help you get pumped for the gym, just the way I get myself pumped for the gym. And if you have any ways not mentioned that you get pumped for the gym, please feel free to share :)

Appearance. I know a lot of people feel annoyed with those who get ready for the gym, but hey if that works for you and gets you there, more power to you. For me, it's my outfit. I'm obsessed with purchasing workout clothes. I love buying new ones so I can wear them everywhere. I usually shop at Target or Walmart. I've been to Gap before but they can be expensive and usually don't have much to choose from. Nike is the best. I love that store, and it always makes me feel more motivated. Their retail is expensive but so worth the money. Check out their shoes and their clothing. Another idea you could do for clothing is check out your local running store to see if they can help measure your foot and run to find you the best shoe. It will be much better for you in the long run.

Music. I love music. So so so so much. I love buying new music and listening to it on repeat for days. But most of all, I love finding music I can work out to. I love staying pumped during a workout. I got a small iPod Shuffle for $50 from the Apple store for strictly workout music. It clips to my strap or my waistband. It's convenient and small. Just put that thing on shuffle and you're good to go. Choosing good music can really boost your motivation and your desire to continue going. When I've got a good song on that I can run or bike to the beat smoothly, I'll sometimes put it on replay. If you are looking for music to have on your playlist, there are tons of resources you can find that contain music ideas. Pinterest is one of them.

Self-prep. This is where you can do some Yoga, some stretches, some self-motivating. Speak kind words to yourself. BE NICE. It is so hard to get so worked up and judge ourselves according to those we workout by. Tell yourself it doesn't matter where you start, as long as you do. Be kind and encourage others. Have a plan of your workout can also help you stay at the gym. I know that I don't always know what to do on the circuit machines or how many sets of whatever number I should do for each weight lift. But I do it anyway. Have all of your stuff laid out the night before, or even bring your duffle bag with you so you have it in your mind all day. Make that decision so it will be easy to go instead of finding yourself sitting at home instead of going to make your body fit and healthy.

Of course we're all different, and the gym experience is different for us than someone else, but learning what can help get you pumped for the gym will make your experience there even better. I know these three things help me out a lot and I've already seen the difference it has made!

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