New Year New You+$115 Sephora Gift Card

In conjunction with this giveaway I was going to write about my daily makeup routine. I was going to put links to all the products & I've already taken picture to show you a before and after. (Hint: It's only 3 products) I'll probably share that post with you soon, but guess what? I want to talk about something else today. 

True beauty. 

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see hair that won't grow, extra weight that needs to come off, and breakouts for days? Some days I see myself like that. Which led myself to a Monday melt down. "I just want to feel beautiful," I told my husband through tears. 

Of course, after he calmed me down & we decided what I could do about it, I didn't fall asleep quickly. I tossed & turned thinking about it. Why was I feeling so bad about myself? God wouldn't want me to feel that way about myself. I am his daughter, I bet he thinks I'm beautiful. 

In the song Beauty Is by Jenny Phillips it says...

"When you care more about living the way Christ did, 
That's when you'll know what beauty is."

I realized that that needs to be my main focus. Diving into the scriptures, praying earnestly to my Heavenly Father & setting goals that can help me be like Christ.

I'm still working on myself physically, you'll see that in my weekly fitness updates here. But I'm also refocusing my thoughts & actions.  I want to be more like that Savior. Because those who are truly living like the Savior, well, they shine. 

I can't believe another new year is almost here - hello 2015! To celebrate, I've teamed up with some other fabulous bloggers to give one lucky ready a chance to bring in the new year with a bang with a $115 Sephora gift card. What better way to start a new year than with a whole loot of new makeup? Enter below and make sure you go check out these amazing ladies!

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