2014 goals: simplifying my morning routine

I've decided to write a post for each of my 2014 goals and share them with you. This will help keep me accountable, and maybe they will spark some ideas in yourself!

My first goal for 2014 is to simplify my morning routine. This idea sparked for many reasons. My husband and I have started working out in the morning before school/work for a few weeks and it has really started cutting into my getting ready time. I also am wanting to incorporate some personal quiet study time every morning to delve into the scriptures, pray and prepare myself for the day in the right way. So I want to simplify the rest of my routine so that way I can make time for those other priorities. Here's how I'm going to do it.

Simplify my makeup routine
Currently I spend about 25 minutes doing my makeup. Mostly because I am a perfectionist about eyeliner. So I've decided to simplify my routing down to 2 products. GASP! Only 2?! I know, I'm crazy. But here they are...

This foundation is pressed like a powder, but works like a liquid foundation. It covers basically everything while maintaining a no-makeup look and feel. It's SUPER hydrating and over time will improve the look of your skin. So instead of concealer, foundation and powder, I'm cutting it down to one product. 

I wanted to get a new mascara that gave me long and full lashes so I didn't feel so inclined to wear eyeliner and eyeshadow EVERY DAY. Back in high school and college I only wore eyeliner and eyeshadow on Sundays as a way to make the day extra special. So I'm going to try to go back to this simple routine.

Simplify the Time I Spend on My Hair
For my hair, I'm going to try and go a little more natural most days, or straighten my hair at night. This is going to be a tough one for me because I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to my hair.

Evening Planning
I already shower in the evening and lay out my clothes and purse for the next day, so I'm hoping simplifying my beauty routine will add more time for the other things that need to be more important in my life. I want to look at my planner in the evening so I can properly prepare for the next day and see what is in store instead of worrying about it in the morning.

What do you make time for in the morning?

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Ashley Z. said...

I always have the same problem when I try to workout in the morning. I usually let my hair fall to the back burner and not pay attention to it, which led me to no makeup and I basically never got ready. It is so hard, but I think simplifying your morning routine will help so much! Great idea!

The Rachael Way said...

Great post- these tips will come in handy when I student teach next semester OMG!

Camille said...

Going more "natural" feels sooo nice! I stopped doing my make up and hair day to day and I am loving it! After the gym I just let my hair air dry & put on primer from Smashbox ( which I love, totally helps w/my redness and it goes on so smoothly) and that's my daily routine. But on certain work days I will put on a little more make up (foundation, mascara, and eyeshadow). I am the same with you on Sundays, that's the days I go all out with my beauty routine. ;)

Life with Amberly said...

I got up in time to do my hair and my full makeup today and I had time to wander and and wonder what I was going to do with myself! :) It was so nice. But I simplify most of the time and just look awful :P haha

Sierra @ Oh, Just Living the Dream said...

Yea. I think the only time I took that long to do makeup was for my wedding hahaha. My mornings are much more relaxed where I read my scriptures and eat a good breakfast, which, to me, is way more important. You go girl!