love story part ten: talking by the temple

During our date night that following week, we decided to go sit outside the temple to start talking about potentially getting married. I've always found peace and solace on temple grounds, so I felt like I could handle it if we were in the presence of such a beautiful building and house of God.

After some quick small talk, it started. I started throwing out everything that was in my head. How stressed I was about registering for Fall semester, and why would I be so stressed out if I was supposed to marry him and leave Logan for Salt Lake? What if we were just acting on a whim because we are both romantics? What if we didn't know each other well enough to get married? Would we ever know each other well enough to get married? And what did he think about all this?

In his clear quiet confidence, Mr. Jolley told me he wanted to marry me, he wanted me to pray about it. "But for now, let's just make a decision that doesn't totally ruin your schooling, but allows our relationship the opportunity to grow."

We decided to have me sign up for online school and move home for the next semester. This meant I needed to sell my apartment contract that I had already signed up for with my roommates. I notified them that evening that I wouldn't be living with them after the summer and that I was going to sell my contract if possible. They were shocked, they wondered if I was losing my mind. I wondered that myself, but the ONLY thing that brought my mind peace  and comfort, was the idea of moving home and doing online school while we decided what to do about our quickly evolving relationship.

Within 24 hours my apartment contract was sold, a near impossible feat in a college town and I was enrolled in the specific courses I needed for Fall semester. I decided it was my turn to start working on a decision, I owed it to this wonderful man who brought me flowers, held my hand, and spoiled me rotten with compliments. He had won over my entire family, and wanted to marry me. So I started to pray...

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Sarah @ To Be Mrs. Collier said...

God is so good and faithful. Thank you for sharing your story of trust and following Him faithfully. What a risk but God will always provide.

Ashley Anderson said...

part of me wants you to get this love story "over with" so I stop feeling unsatisfied with not knowing the complete ending!!!!

...but keep more parts coming so i have more to look forward to ;)

McKenzie said...

ok...i am dying to see the rest of the love story! love these posts:)