pm platinum blonde shampoo review

A few months ago, I had this crazy idea to go Platinum Blonde. PLATINUM. I wanted to be as blonde as possible without totally frying my hair off. So I did. And shortly after realized, platinum blonde takes a lot of upkeep, it doesn't just stay platinum, it likes to fade to a Barbie yellow.

Platinum Blonde Shampoo from the Paul Mitchell blonde line. It comes out a SUPER dark purple color. And it looks like it will turn your purple hair, but SURPRISE, it doesn't. What does purple shampoo do? It neutralizes yellow tones. How? Because purple and yellow are opposite on the color wheel. Aka, complementary colors.

You just leave the purple shampoo on for about 5 minutes and it does the trick. You shampoo as often as possible which for me was 2-3x a week. 

The only con to this shampoo is that it's not moisturizing at all. I found my hair was extra extra dry while using it. Using a little extra conditioner helped quite a bit, and deep conditioning my hair twice a week kept it from getting TOO dry.

Overall I'd recommend this product to ANY platinum blonde. It keeps you at the blonde you want to be at with very little work.

Do you have any blonde products you can't live without?

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Katie said...

i just read your last blog post from your old blog and that was a different blonde shampoo - is this one better? :) I need some better shampoo!

Sarah @ To Be Mrs. Collier said...

Would you say that blondes have more fun?

Life with Amberly said...

PM purple shampoo is great! :)

Susannah said...

I think your super blond hair is REALLY cute!!! I'm glad you're finding products to keep it up. :-)

Tanika Rice said...

It always made sense to me that the blonde shampoos were purple because when you dye your hair blonde, the dye is purple. I just correlated the two ;) I like it too, but I like John Freida's better, because Paul Mitchell's is too drying. But I don't know if Freida makes his anymore? Haven't been blonde in awhile! But Paul Mitchell also makes a really good deep conditioning balm! It smells super good and leaves your hair smooth! :)

The Modern Tulip said...

Love the new blonde! It's stunning on you!