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Ever wish you could be in a relationship with a TV or movie character? And I'm not talking about the actor himself, I mean the actual character he's playing. I have, and yeah that's probably weird but I'm the weird little girl from SoCal Mermaid, hi! I'm Carolina, in case you were wondering. But come on, don't lie, you know when you're watching your favorite romcom you kind of sit there and stare at the main guy and wish he was yours. So, putting all spouses and boyfriends aside. I'm daring you to pick 3 characters - I repeat character not actor, if you could fall in love with him, which would you choose? I know who I'd chose, it was actually a lot easier than I thought, but there's still so many to chose from!

Danny Zuko// How can you not love that cigarette holding smile? I'd wear that jacket and let him court me any day. I definitely can't sing as well as Sandra Dee but I'll let you tell me about, Stud all day every day. He's got great dance moves, a killer smile, and a good head of hair. Plus the bit of bad boy image turned jock for the girl he loves isn't bad either! I won't lie, Danny Zuko is a bit more of a looks kind of love. He's good lookin' - there's no denying that, but the nice cars, funny friends, bad boy style, and his serenadable voice are just to die for!
Jesse// Pitch Perfect could not have been such a great movie without Jesse. I mean he thinks organized nerd signing is great - he's just great. He has the perfect comebacks to pretty much every cynical and witty thing Becca says, and I can't help but love that about him.
Plus his favorite movie is Breakfast Club, my favorite movie is Breakfast Club, we're clearly meant to be. Oh and he has juice pouches and Rockie! How is there anything better then that?! I clearly like guys that can sing - fictionally speaking that is. Singing isn't a priority in my future boyfriend.
Graham// Need I say much? He's just so handsome - to bad he died in Season 1. If you don't know who this is, let me introduce you to Graham from Once Upon a Time, isn't he a beauty? The rugged look works so well for him, plus he's got shaggy hair and a leather jacket. He plays the perfect cop type of character solely because of how rugged he looks *insert heart eyed emoji here*
If you haven't watched Once Upon a Time, then what are you waiting for?! It's first two seasons are on Netflix, and it's soooo good! I would know, I watched both seasons in four days, yeah four days. 

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Sarah @ To Be Mrs. Collier said...

I love this! I would actually add Noah from the Notebook onto that list!

Socal Mermaid said...

I considered Noah but since it was only three, I figured I'd add the three from my top faves at the moment!

Ashley Anderson said...

ahh Graham. but im sorry... Hook takes the cake ;) and behind him would have to be Knave from Once upona a time in Wonderland!

Kathryn Michel said...

Dibs on Jesse.

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

loved graham...that's the guy who was cast in 50 shades of grey!

Margo @ PrettyPanda said...

What a fun post! Love it!!