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It's time to do one of my favorite posts of every month, Ask Brooklyn! Ask Brooklyn is where YOU my blog readers, ask me questions on THIS Google Form. Then I go through the questions once a month, and answer them! It's a blast! So if you think of any questions you have, be sure to ask me here so I can answer them in February! 

What's your favorite thing about being married?

This is SUCH a tough question, because after only 5 months of wedded happiness, I'm a huge fan of marriage! But the first thing that came to mind was companionship. Having someone to come home to every night, someone to go out and do things with, someone to share my successes and failures with. Someone to read scriptures and pray with, someone to attend church with. Someone to go grocery shopping with, etc. Our souls crave companionship, and although getting married isn't a magic remedy that solves every problem, it does give me a sense of belonging and safety.

What do you do when you're not motivated, or you just feel really blah? Any tips on pulling out of the discouraged feeling?

I reboot myself. I journal, I read self-help books, I take a long bath and treat myself. I pray. I talk to close friends about my feelings. I go to the temple. I set goals. I pamper myself. When I lose motivation, I try to take a night to be alone and reboot myself doing whatever I feel like I'm deprived of.

Why did you choose the Salt Lake temple to get married in when you were living in Logan?

To see pictures of the different rooms inside an LDS (Mormon) temple, click here! Mr. Jolley and I talked about which temple we wanted to get married in shortly after getting engaged. I always pictured myself getting married in the Ogden temple like my parents, because when the church decided to renovate the temple, making it inoperable for a few years, I never thought I'd get married before its scheduled reopen in late 2014. But alas, I got married in 2013. And even though I loved the Logan temple, I also loved the Salt Lake temple (its great for wedding pictures!), and had actually never been inside! The Salt Lake temple was also more central for Mr. Jolley and I's families. About 1 hour from my family and 2.5 from his. Rather than 4.5 from his and 1 hour from mine. 

I did however receive my endowment at the Logan temple 3 days before my wedding. A necessary step before receiving the blessings of a temple marriage. This picture is of Mr. Jolley and I outside the Logan temple after I went through the temple.

But my sealing (marriage) was done at the Salt Lake temple. This picture is of us outside the Salt Lake temple on our wedding day.

What is your favorite thing about yourself and why?

I think my favorite thing about myself is that I try to act on my desire to change. I'm constantly setting goals, reading self-help books, and trying to improve myself. I think that's a pretty great thing!

Do you dye/pencil your eyebrows and if so could you help a sister out and show me how?

Unfortunately I know nothing about dying or penciling eyebrows. My eyebrows are naturally pretty dark, but I know that my school does eye brow dying on the cheap, so I could hook you up if you live in SLC area!

What's the best way to get inspired when you're in a spiritual rut?

I find praying to be the best way. I pray to know where I can improve and what I can do to increase my desire to worship. I try to set challenges, like my Book of Mormon challenge. Something to stretch me and get me back in the mindset!


I hope you are all out enjoying your weekend. You deserve to!

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Rachel said...

Eyebrow dying is legal in your state? Man, my school taught us it was considered an illegal service in MI...doesn't always stop people from doing it of course, but I didn't know it was legal in some areas! I learned something new!

Kelsey Eaton said...

Great questions and answers! love it!!

Sarah @ To Be Mrs. Collier said...

I absolutely love this post idea!!!

gayle @ grace for gayle said...

I have always wanted to see what the inside looks like, I had no idea there were photos available. Thank you for sharing.

Also, I hope my email didn't bother you, I am so sorry if it did.