the boring stuff

If you haven't seen the movie UP by Disney, you're truly missing out. In the movie, the little wilderness scout boy says, 

"It's the boring stuff I remember the most." 

I've been pondering this thought a lot lately. On my honeymoon to Disneyland, one of my fondest memories is watching endless episodes of Pawn Stars from our hotel room. Growing up my mom used to pay us to help her do her work from home, we had electric staplers, and we would staple papers for what seemed like hours at a time. And from our family vacation to South Dakota, I think most of those nights we spent in our tiny, muggy motorhome, doing nothing but playing cards and watching movies.

Necklace: Gift from little brothers, purchased from MintMarbles on Etsy

What if life isn't just about the grand adventures we get to go on, and the amazing people we meet. What if it's about praying daily as a family? And going grocery shopping with your husband? Maybe it's really about cuddling your cats more, and taking long walks for no reason at all. What if life is really all about the "boring stuff"?

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McKenzie said...

LOVE that movie and this post!
the "boring stuff" is the best!

Whitney M. @ The Married Me said...

Life IS about the boring stuff. You spend most of your time doing the boring stuff.

I'm working on making my "boring stuff" more special in my mind. Its all perspective.

Rachel said...

I don't remember that quote from the movie, I guess it's been a long time since I've seen it! But yeah, don't ever disdain the boring stuff of life, enjoy it, because otherwise you won't end up enjoying most of your life!