5 Easy Ways to Start Living Like a Minimalist

Stuff. We have so much stuff, and by we I mean my husband and I. You can be the judge of yourself. We have cupboards full of food, but every week we continue to buy groceries. I have a closet full of clothes, but I still find myself online shopping and browsing the mall for the next good thing. I have lots of books I've purchased but never actually sat down to read. 

Maybe this is why minimalism became so appealing to me so quickly. Minimalism isn't just some fad for rich people to feel better about their spending, it's a total life changing process that YOU get to be in charge of. Minimalism can be different for everyone. It can be owning 100 things or less, giving up your car(which I never plan to do), or only buying things that you actually need.

So instead of getting caught up in all the definitions and dramatics of minimalism, let's just look at some easy ways to get started!

1. Clean out your closet!
-Get rid of items you haven't worn in the last 6 months
-Pack away seasonal items
-Do a fashion challenge like a 30x30 to learn to appreciate your closet

2. Use up all your makeup/hair stuff before buying any new stuff.
Maybe this isn't a problem for everyone, but I know I'm all about buying the latest and greatest beauty supplies. So instead of buying the next shampoo that will solve all my hair woes, I'm gonna use up what I've already bought first.

3. Do a no-spend month.
Choose a month and decide to not spend any money that isn't necessary. If you don't need it, don't buy it.

4. Get rid of duplicates.
Own 7 mixing bowls, get rid of the extras! Still too scared to get rid of all buy one? Just keep two for now. Have two purses? Donate one!

5. Donate!
Doing a no spend month, spending less on hair and makeup stuff should leave you with a little extra. Find a cause that means something to you and donate, even if it's only $5, it will feel amazing to donate to something so close to your heart.

Becoming a minimalist doesn't need to be dramatic. Make SMALL and SUSTAINABLE changes that make you feel free.

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Tayler Morrell said...

Great list! I did a mini-purge on my clothes of pre-pregnancy stuff I won't ever fit into again (bigger bust and wider hips)

Megan Hewlett said...

I love this! here's to being more of a minimalist!

Ashley Frederickson said...

I really like this idea! I need to try this because sometimes I spend too much. And sometimes I really long for simplicity. Thank you for your inspiration! :)