What To Do When Love is Waning

This morning while browsing Facebook I saw a link to an article that looked interesting. It said, "The No. 1 cause of divorce might not be what you think." So I clicked on the article. Read it HERE before reading any further.

Truth is, life gets in the way. We have crazy weeks at school, you buy a house and are busy unboxing everything you've collected in the past 15 months of marriage, one of us is cranky, people get pregnant and have beautiful human beings that they now have to keep alive, and don't forget making a living through work to afford life. Life gets busy.

What you put your affection, time and efforts towards is what will grow. We move toward what we focus on. If you aren't putting time and effort in your marriage relationship your love will wane. But the good news is, "If feelings of love are waning, they can be recovered." It just takes effort and focus.

I promise you that is true. Now go over HERE and read 5 ways to help your marriage when those lovey dovey newlywed feelings begin to wane. 

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Life with Amberly said...

I loved that article when I read it on FB (thanks to your share) this morning and it actually inspired my word for 2015 and a few marriage goals as well! :) Thanks for sharing!