My Baby Steps into Minimalism

After reading 7: An Experiemental Mutiny Against Excess I began to be led to more and more information about minimalism. 

I came across this website talking about capsule wardrobes and became enthralled. I started searching "capsule wardrobes" on Pinterest and Google. The idea of having a minimalist wardrobe was interesting to me, and I decided to to do my own 30x30 fashion challenge to get me started on my journey towards a minimalist wardrobe. 

I wrote a post about my desire to fight excess and become more like the Savior. I found this website from Pinterest and spent a good 45 minutes reading post after post. 

I decided to create my own baby steps to start living a little more minimally. 

1. Do a 30x30 challenge

2. Give away my old books 

3. Find a library near my soon to be home

4. Use up my hair product I own before I buy any more

5. No spend November

6. Delete apps I don't use on my phone

7. Bake bread instead of buying it

8. Go to the temple every other week for date night instead of going out and spending money. 

I don't want to live more minimally because it's "cool" or "trendy" or "hipster." I want to live more like my Savior, who lived a simple life, yet the way he lived his life inspired people then, and continues to inspire people today.

Have you looked into living in minimalism at all? What are your thoughts on it? 

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Sharlee said...

I actually have so many thoughts on this. Living simply is something I believe in. I have strong beliefs in it... As I see how quickly trying to always have the next best thing leads to a problematic attitude and lifestyle. A lot of people who are constantly consuming and buying and chasing after happiness. It's an art to live minimally (but it's challenging) but I think that's where you find true happiness.

gayle said...

I am 100% there with you on this. I have a lot of stuff (comparatively, I don't, but to ME I do) and it is STRESSING ME OUT. I hate looking at it, I hate cleaning it, I hate moving it, I hate organizing it ... so for right now I am ignoring it, and drying to do one small thing as I am able to, to live more minimally. I believe in social responsibility, and excess and being wasteful drives me nuts. I have become more and more convicted of this lately for some reason, but I have so little time to get projects done, like a massive clean-out, so I, too, am taking baby steps. :)

Bottom line, I want to own my stuff, I do not want my stuff to own me.

Whitney @ Southern Hope said...

Our world is full of more and more STUFF, it feels like people are always buying something new to me... I am all about trying to have a minimalist life and it's mainly because I like an empty house, full of love of course, but I don't like a lot of clutter!! Plus we have moved 6 times from apartment to apartment after being married 5 years and that really makes you rethink stuff!!

The Rachael Way said...

I really am excited to see you posting about minimalism- I've always wondered about it and find myself ALWAYS wanting the newest/best thing... You rock!

Shelbi Huntter said...

I have actually been looking into this concept for a while now and there have been several people blogging about it as of late. Growing up I never had a ton of things and I didn't have all of the newest and best of everything. I still don't now, especially as I am still a college student and am supporting myself through school. Yet somehow I feel like I have a ton of things. I have been considering the concept of going down to a 30-40 piece wardrobe but have never quite brought myself to do so. I'm thinking that I may be starting to do this soon! I can't wait to read more about your journey to and through minimalism.

Notes from a Newlywed said...

I'm slowly trying to be more minimalist too. I just feel the weight of so much literal stuff, and it can be suffocating. One of my friends put it best that resonated with me a lot: When you have so many physical items around you distracting you, that you have to clean and replace and walk around, it's less time you spend with your family or friends or doing a hobby. Every couple months I try to do a purge of more items and buy less as well. It's hard, but I find the little steps are key - if I did it all at once I'd probably fail.