November Blog Post Ideas

It's already November! Holy crapola. I'm just sitting on my bed with an old 32 oz cup full of water and Theraflu entering my system. It's been a rough couple of days with the some sort of cold nastiness. So apparently the winter is coming, because who can really start winter without a good nasty cold, am I right?

But on a positive note, there are so many great things about this month! Because it's still technically fall, there are still a lot of relevant post ideas in my October Blog Post Ideas. But here's 5 more blog post ideas for the month of November to get your brain rolling.

1. Share a list of things you're grateful for. Tis the season right?
2. Write a post about your favorite clothing items you own, or share your "Go-to" outfit with us.
3. What's your all time favorite hair product?
4. Tell us a story about your high school self. Funny, inspirational, or whatever!
5. Write about someone who has inspired you. It could be a parent, spouse, blogger, US president or anyone! Just teach us who they are and why they inspired you.

Happy Blogging!
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Andy Brienne said...

On a side note from these great post suggestions, you are winning the "pin" button department. It's so cute.