Authority: 6 Ways to Yes

If you haven't seen the YouTube video The Science of Persuasion you should definitely go watch it right now. I'll wait.

Great! Welcome back. Now you understand the 6 ways to yes! 

As bloggers, I think most of us have the desire to influence/persuade others. Whether that is for a company paying us to promote their product or just us wanting to share our latest blog post that we poured our heart and soul into.

I've already written posts for...

Now we learn about authority.

Authority is a big deal in blogging, yet at the same time it's nothing.

 I'm a newlywed, so sometimes people get snarky about me blogging about marriage. Truth is, I don't know much about marriage. Currently I know 15 months worth of marriage. That's all. But that doesn't keep me from blogging about my marriage goals, why I love being married, our date nights and how I'm keeping the spark alive in our marriage. However, someone who has been happily married for 25 years would have more authority than a newlywed marriage blogger.

I blog about blogging. Maybe I don't make $1,000 a month blogging but I've been blogging for over 5 years now. I've run 3 different blogs, each with a different niche. So how's that for experience!

I blog about Disneyland. I've been there close to 30 times, so even though I'm no Anaheim native, I know my stuff. 

The best advice is to blog what you KNOW. But also to blog what you LOVE. If you want to blog about happy marriages even though you've only been married 15 months, go for it! Share YOUR story. And if you happen to have some authority on a subject, i.e. you're a licensed cosmetologist blogging about hair? Share that! Brag about yourself. This is the blogging world folks, it's all about us.

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