How to Survive a Fashion Challenge

hi i'm aubrey from dreaming about someday. i blog about everything from fashion to recipes to running to the bachelor and everything in between. i have done several fashion challenges including several rounds of 30x30. since brooklyn is right in the middle of 30x30, i'm here to give her you a few tips for surviving a fashion challenge.
1. pick items you like to wear
it is difficult enough to limit your closet. be careful about picking clothes you never want to wear. you'll be stuck trying to come up with combos you like, and it will make it hard to stick to the challenge.
2. collaborate with others
i saw people all over blogland doing 30x30 challenges, but i was too nervous to do it myself. i finally joined a group of about 10 other bloggers for my first round. it was so great doing it that way. i met a lot of really great people, and it was much easier to stick to the challenge knowing many of us were doing the same thing.

3. get organized
i'm not really an excel spreadsheet girl, but it can be helpful to list out your possible outfit combinations. i started with tops and listed all bottoms that could go with each top. i worked my way through all items and realized i had over 60 combinations to wear-double what i needed for the challenge. i also use pictures to help me remember what i already wore.

 4. be committed 
set your goal and stick with it. plan for upcoming events by picking pieces that fit. for example, if you know you have a wedding or fancy party, make sure to include a formal dress in your planning. stay firm even when it gets a little tricky towards the end,

 5. bend the rules
it's ok to change things to make it more doabable for you. i spent 1/3 of a 30x30 challenge in the virgin islands. i picked a swimuit/cover up as one of my pieces. it made the challenge must less stressful and much more sucessful.

a lot of people think fashion challenges are practically impossible, but they really are much easier than you think. have you ever done a fashion challenge? 

make sure to come over to my blog tomorrow to hear brooklyn's tips.

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