Introducing The Newest Member of Our Family

I know a lot of you follow me on Instagram (@brooklynjolley) and so for those of you who do, you know we added to our family a few weeks ago. So meet Benson! (Aka Benny)

He has been a little ball of energy and cuteness ever since we got him. We love him!

We also are a family of 6 now! Colten, me, Benson, Puppy & Walter our cats, and Millie our hedgehog. 500 sq feet didn't keep our family from growing quickly ;) But we sure are excited to move into our house next week. 

Isn't Benson adorable?

 photo jolley-sig_zps8e3a9f4d.jpg


Ashley Z. said...

Oh my goodness how cute!

Amanda said...

Completely adorable!! And that's a BiG family you've got going on! We've got 5 I guess....or maybe I should count Tank as two haha!