Marriage & The Gospel of Jesus Christ

{Post written by Ashley from From A to Z}

I was asked to write on Marriage and the Gospel of Jesus Christ which are my TWO very favorite things to write about so here we go!

How does one incorporate the gospel into their marriage? Well there are many things you can do to mix it in!

Read your scriptures together - this is a huge one for my husband and I. Right at 8 or 8:30 at night we read our scriptures together. Then we discuss what we learned and what stuck out to us and why. Having a discussion helps set the mood for the spirit and allows us to really learn as a couple.

Attend church together - Unfortunately Brady works every other Sunday but when we do get to go together, it's the best! We sit by each other in class, during the sacrament and then when we get home we talk about how church went and what we learned in Relief Society/Priesthood.

Attend the Temple together - attending the temple is a really important thing to do together. You can learn so much by attending the temple and what better place to go to, to receive guidance and counsel than the temple? You will experience so much happiness and peace when you go and what better way than to do it together.

Pray together - praying together is a really big deal and can really strengthen your relationship. Morning and night you should always pray separately and together. Praying together strengthens your relationship because you learn to rely on prayer together and that it will get you through to good and bad times and as well as praying separately.

Share goodness - if you haven't seen the hashtag #sharegoodness than you missed out on Elder Bednar's talk he gave on sharing goodness through social media. It's important to be member missionaries and to share goodness wherever you can. It doesn't always have to be about the gospel, just share stuff that's good together!

What other things do you do to incorporate the gospel in your marriage?

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Tayler Morrell said...

Love this! My husband and I go to church together. We read scriptures every night after putting our baby to bed. We also go on a temple date night once a month--score for living in Utah! We also make sure to already sing hymns and primary songs to our 4 month old and do family prayer together.