Update on my 30X30 (Outfits 1-6)

When I decided to start taking baby steps to minimalism I decided to do a 30x30 fashion challenge.  So today I'm giving you my first update. If you follow me on Instagram you've already seen these outfits but now you can tell me which of these first 6 are your favorite!

I love the vest I used in Day One but I'm also in love with my tulle skirt in Day Six! But Day 6 was probably my favorite in Days 1-6. Which was yours?

(Just a reminder that I have a few more days of this Linqia campaign if you want to find some great and easy recipes with #DaisyCottage Cheese!)

 photo jolley-sig_zps8e3a9f4d.jpg


Becca Fotheringham said...

Day 1 is probably my fave! I just love that vest a lot!! Super cute!

Notes from a Newlywed said...

I LOVE that tulle skirt! And your orange striped dress too.