3 thoughts from my first 3 months of marriage

On the 16th of this month, my husband and I hit our 3 months of marriage mark. I'm honestly not sure where the time went! And because 3 is my favorite number, the 3 month mark made me stop and think about what are the top 3 things I've learned from being married.

Now I'm not claiming to be ANY kind of a marriage expert. 3 months would NEVER qualify someone as a expert on anything if you ask me. But what I AM saying, is that this is what I've personally learned, and now I want to share it with you.

When I rebranded my blogging image to fit a more marriage-friendly theme, I added that date night tab to the top of my blog. That's because I knew if my readers expected to hear what we did for date night each week, date night would actually happen. Accountability keeps me rolling!
So every week on Sunday, we pick a night for the week designated to just us two. Sometimes we go out, sometimes we stay in, but we always do it together. We also switch off weeks picking what we do, that way we each get a turn to decide.

This is one that I am still working on. Because I moved to Salt Lake I don't have that many friends here yet. So I try to make it a priority to go to blogger meet ups, or have girls nights with my Mom. The other night I skipped out on a basketball game with my husband and his friends because I needed a night to myself.
I try to give myself at least one night a week to just blog, or read, or go out with a friend. This keeps me sane and even though I miss my new husband while I'm gone, I'm always easier to be around once I've had my personal time.

When we were dating, both of us gained weight. So at our wedding, neither of us were looking our best. When we got home from our honeymoon, we decided to make going to the gym together a goal. And having each other to keep us accountable has been so helpful. Plus, it's something I know I always get to do with him.
Another routine is we read from the scriptures and pray together every night. If I'm ever feeling marriage annoyance, kneeling side by side and holding hands does wonders for my attitude. I always feel so grateful for my husband and marriage when I am praying with Mr. Jolley.

So happy three months love, here's to eternity! <3

What have you learned about marriage?

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Manca* said...

Congratulations, Brooklyn! :) I wish you the best on your way to eternity!

Rachael @ Pretty in Pink said...

Eeep this is so exciting- and let me remind you again that it is OKAY to take that personal time. Yay you and Mr. Jolley! xo

Jennie Grange said...

Happy 3 months! It's crazy how fast it goes! Xoxo

April @ Hansen Love said...

time flies by when you are spending all your time with your love! :) I love the idea of date night. Jake and I are always SO busy to go do something, and we end up going on dates like twice in a month. (if we're lucky) You have set up some great things to accomplish in your marriage. You two are adorable!