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During my last Ask Brooklyn post someone asked what my fitness/diet routine was like. And it made me reflect on how I could improve. 

At the time, we were going to the gym 3-4 times a week for around 45 minutes. So I decided it was time to kick it up a notch. I set a goal to attend the gym 4 times a week and told the husband I'd like to work out for an hour each time when possible. I figured that would add a little more than one additional work out a week from before. 4 times a week with an extra 15 minutes every day adds up to another hour of exercise! And honestly adding that 15 minutes each day doesn't seem like that much.

While Mr. Jolley and I were long distance dating, we both gained a bit of weight. Neither of us are morbidly obese, but I ate a lot of Wendy's and Chickfila that I'm now paying for. Combined with no exercise, my body was probably at it's worst when we got married. Pretty backwards huh?

My motivation for going to the gym right now is Gossip Girl. As sad and pathetic as that may seem, it gets me to the gym. Last Saturday I begged Mr. Jolley to go to the gym with me so I could see what happened next on Gossip Girl.

Because I have a grandma body, running hurts my joints. So that's why I just walk on the days I don't do classes. But since we are paying for a membership that includes classes, I set a goal to go to 2 classes a week, plus I get a better workout during classes because they kick my butt! This week will be Zumba tonight and Yoga tomorrow. Every other day we work out, I have a date with my ipad, Netflix, and Gossip Girl ;)

The hardest thing about all this is I am hardly seeing results. I'm not KILLING my body at the gym every time, because if I did, I'd hate going to the gym. Even going to the gym 4-5 times a week now is a HUGE change for me. And I talked to Mr. Jolley about how I want the changes we make to be LIFESTYLE changes, even though it will take longer to start seeing results, I want the way we workout and eat now to be something I can continue. I don't want to starve myself for immediate results. So we cheat sometimes and eat out, but we usually split meals. I haven't given up Coke, nor do I really plan to. (I know someone should ground me.) And I eat low fat ice cream at least every other day. But i'm taking better care of my body than ever. I'm sleeping better, feeling better, and slowly getting my body back where I want it. 

How do you stay motivated to go to the gym?

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Alex said...

Love the post, Brooklyn! I always watch Netflix at the gym. And in response to your question I go to the gym because surprisingly it gives me more energy than a nap!!

XOXO Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

Rachael @ Pretty in Pink said...

WE ARE TWINS I'm currently watching Season 4 on Gossip Girl, too!
I pushed myself a lot this summer and lost almost 10 pounds, but I've gained it back by just eating like junk at school. I'm going to really try to focus on getting back on the healthy train!

Life with Amberly said...

I'm trying to convince Joe that I need my gym pass back. I think I went more when I had it. And let's face it, my body is in its worst shape right now.... :P

Kelsey Eaton said...

Your body will reward you for taking care of it! Even if you dont see results right away think about how much healthier and happier your heart is!

Ashley Z. said...

I don't stay motivated when going to a gym. There is just something about the gym that brings pressure into my life.

And this of course is personal opinion but I love knowing I can go run whenever and WHEREVER. I grew up a cross country runner so tracks/tredmills aren't really my thing. I love working out with jillian michaels. pluuuuuus i don't have to pay to workout :)

but i do envy people who can go to a gym!! i'm weird.kbye

Camille said...

Working out with my husband is great, we push each other to go and push each other to reach our goals. We're still working on the eating healthy part (at least I am, I love my ice cream and fries too much) what motivates me is, being the best healthiest ME I can be! I don't do it to fit into a dress or look good during summer, no it's strictly for myself.

Nick Osborne@Go: Fitness Columbus said...

Later on, what’s keeping you inspired to work out wouldn’t really cause fuss for people. But you, on the other hand, would be more grateful for it. It’s not an issue of whether it’s a human inspiration, a quote, or even a TV show! What’s essential is that you have something to keep you going. :)