november goals

Something I've decided I want to start doing on this blog is sharing my monthly goals with you. That way, I'm more accountable for the things I commit to do! Feel free to share you tips or ideas you have for my goals in the comments!

-Watch 3 YouTube videos a week that relate to my schooling.
-Never be afraid to ask questions at school.
-Blog once a week abut date night.
-Write Ask Brooklyn post
-Leave love notes for my husband 2x a week
-Keep a journal about all the things Mr. Jolley does that I love
-Work out 4x a week
-Only wash hair 2x a week
-Be a flosser 
-Read a chapter in the Book of Mormon with Colten every night
-Journal once a week
-Go to the temple
-Make a new best friend
-Write Sister Burton at least once a week
-Stay in my personal money budget
-Memorize Mr. Jolley's phone number
-Say more personal prayers

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Ashley Z. said...

I love the memorizing his number thing. It took me a while to memorize Brady's!!

Rachael @ Pretty in Pink said...

Well don't worry... we are well on our way to being besties! <3

Life with Amberly said...

I love the idea of watching YouTube videos that relate to hair, I need to do something more like that. I want to go back and watch my old Paul Mitchell cutting videos. It's been a while.... :P

I love "memorize Mr. Joelly's phone number" that's a good one! I think it took me a year or so to know Joe's number. He only took a few months to memorize mine, but mine is a lot of the same number, it's easier. Now I have his memorized. Him, my mom, my parent's house, and my dad's. I think those are the only ones I know!

These are all awesome goals, I love them!!!

Alacia Hood said...

What a great list! I am definitely working on flossing more often haha!