choosing to hold hands

Ever since I can remember, my parents have been avid hand-holders. I'm not even sure if they know I've noticed. (Cue "I always feel like, somebody's watching me...") It's always been a sign to me of their love and affection for one another. When they hold hands, I see that they are the most important thing to each other.

When I got married, one of the goals I set for myself was to hold my husbands hand as often as possible. When we walk to the car, while we drive in the car, during church, sometimes while sleeping, watching movies, while working on our schedule for the work, and of course every night while we pray together. 

Holding hands with my husband is important to me for many reasons. 

*It lets me claim him. It shows others that he belongs to me. 
*We are both highly motivated by the Touch Love Language, so this is a special way that we can connect all the time.
*Holding hands reminds us that we don't have to do life alone.
*It reminds me of holding hands over the altar during our sealing, and how special the promises we made to each other are.
*It's an outward expression of my love for him.

I hold my husband's hand because it matters. I don't have any scientific proof to back it up, but for me and my marriage, holding hands is important. Mr. Jolley will sometimes give me a pouty lip if I yank my hand away to fix my hair or scratch my face, it's so cute. To us, holding hands means that no matter what, we have each other. Through thick and thin, through Gold's Gym trips, and late night snacking, we are together. And being together is just the way I like it. <3

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Ashley Ziegler said...

i love this!

Unknown said...

Awww I'm gonna cry <3 So sweet!

Elizabeth Lynn said...

Aww this is so cute! Not holding hands was one of the hardest adjustments for me when my husband joined the military. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's important!

Kelsey Eaton said...

:) :) and dont ever stop!!

Hayley! said...

Same for us! We hold hands all the time! I am very fortunate to have a husband that is as cuddly as I am! We are both Touch Language people as well! :)

Laura Offenwanger said...

Beautiful... and SO worth it! My husband and I have been married for 14 years, and we still hold hands a LOT!

Keep it up!