date night: pizza & cleaning

Our apartment has being a little out of control every since we got these two new additions to our family...

So for Mr. Jolley's choice of date night, he wanted to spend the evening making a Walmart trip and moving things around our apartment. On our way to Walmart however, we both realized we were STARVING! So we pulled into a Little Ceaser's pizza and grabbed a $5 Hot and Ready and some breadsticks and laughed at our ghetto date night as we ate our pizza in the car.

I'm always surprised how just being with my husband makes me so happy. Shopping, eating pizza in the car, cleaning the house from our messy kitties. It's all a little more fun when he's around.

Date night for me doesn't always have to be something huge and spectacular. Sometimes it's just taking a night to catch up on real-life grown up stuff, but choosing to do it in a fun way!

But this week is my pick, so I can promise you we won't be cleaning. ;)

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Life with Amberly said...

You've got to love a good cleaning date night :)

Kelsey Eaton said...

Haha we have done that too. A couple months ago we spent our date night driving around looking for apartment while eating a Little Caesars in the car haha