ask brooklyn #2

Well guess what? It's that time of the month again... No not THAT time... this time...

The time where I answer YOUR questions! So without further delay...

Are Mormons the same as Christians?

The short answer is that yes, Mormons are Christians. The term "Mormon" just happens to be a nickname given to our church because we believe in The Book of Mormon. The full name of our church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We even have Christ's name in our title! We believe Christ lived a mortal life. We believe his atonement saves us if we choose to repent and accept him into our lives. 
If you want to learn more about why Mormons are Christians, watch this 2 minute video. 

How do you manage blogging so many times a week while still living a regular life?

Generally I spend 2ish hours blogging every Monday. This is because I don't have school on Monday's, but my husband still works. So after completely household chores and running errands, I write and schedule my posts for the coming week. Then Wednesday nights I usually go back through and schedule twitter and facebook posts via Hootsuite. It's a lifesaver!

What is your skin care routine?

Every time I shower, I use Clearasil Refreshing Superfruit Wash. I lather it on and I wash it off. Every night I also use a Stridex Sensitive pad to help clean my pores and get any left over make up off. But after both of those, I use a dermotologist prescription for a Clindamycin gel. I love it and have used it for years! It's the only thing that I've discovered that will constantly give me good skin.

With the lowered missionary age, what made you choose to get married instead of serve a mission?

On my old blog I wrote a post after the missionary announcement about why I was not serving a mission. Read it here. And then you should know, that just over 3 months after writing that post I met my now husband, and in very specific and personal inspiration from God, I KNEW that the reason I was not on a mission, was so that I would be here to marry Mr. Jolley.

What are your favorite songs of all time?

I Just Can't Live a Lie- Carrie Underwood
Say Love- Hilary Weeks
I Was Here- Lady Antebellum
Defying Gravity- Wicked
Little Miss- Sugarland
Stand- Rascal Flatts


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Kristyn said...

I am in love with the entire soundtrack from Wicked. Defying Gravity is a great song, but I think my favorite is For Good. So good!! Oh and Mormonism (is that a word) truly fascinates me. I have chatted with Amberly about it a few times.

Here's a question for you. More like a statement. I think you should share more about your wedding/love story/that kind of thing. I personally love reading those posts!

Ashley Z. said...

I have always wondered how yo manage to tweet so much about your blog posts... now I know!! thanks for sharing:)

Rachael @ Pretty in Pink said...

Great post! Love learning more about you, sweet friend! Isn't it crazy how God touches our lives?! Sometimes I just can't get over how AWESOME it is!