day 10 of being a better wife

Today was Mr.Jolley's late day at work. But like the amazing man is, he got up with me and made me a smoothie for breakfast. And then proceeded to do all the household chores during my first few hours of school.

I really was impressed and tried to make sure my gratitude was recepted well and that he would know I was being sincere. 

He got off work at 8. Sometime along the way home he started feeling sick. So I offered to make a run to the store for some cold medicine. Although he declined numerous times, once I offered to have him come with me he said yes and we left almost immediately. I gave myself props for reading him well, I knew he wanted to go even if he kept declining.

Since he was tired I tried to be patient with his lack of energy. We turned on Shrek and decided it was cuddle time. And even though he was sick, I made an extra effort to cuddle him lots during the night. Sometimes he will make comments about how "I seemed more cuddly last night than usual." Always with a big smile on his face. That Mr.Jolley, he's a cuddle bug.

I told him if he needed ANYTHING at work the next day, he better let me know. And he expressed gratitude. Sometimes trying to be a better wife isn't a huge deal, sometimes it just means being patient and extra giving when the one you love isn't feeling so well. Because that's what marriage is about. True love and concern for the other. In sickness and in health.

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