day 12 of being a better wife

Today was a Saturday. And because I'm a cosmetology student, I definitely have school every Saturday. It was weird to leave Mr.Jolley this morning because usually is anyone is leaving someone it's him leaving me. But today was his day off. And he didn't even sleep in much. He got up to see me out the door, and I made a mental note to do the same. 

I forgot my lunch today. The first time since I started school. And when I told him he offered to pick me up on my lunch and take me out to way somewhere. So around 12:15 I met him in the parking lot of my school and guess where he takes us? IHOP. That man sure know the way to my heart. I let him have some bites of my food because I knew he didn't like his as much as he had hoped. And he loved mine. So I let him have my last few bites of my double blueberry pancakes. 

He dropped me off at school again and I spent the next few hours enjoying my education but wanting to be home with my husband. So when I got home and he was watching Americas Got Talent, I curled up next to him on the couch. And he said "I love having you cuddled up next to me." 

I got up to get ice cream when I realized a note on the table, "BECAUSE I LOVE MY WIFE." 

There was Carmex, markers, a fireproof safe like I had asked him for forever ago and a "Brooklyn's Coke Fund" that was overflowing with quarters. How can I ever match such a sweet and considerate man? I gave him plenty of smooches and covered him with thanks. Or vice versa.

Tonight was the BYU vs Utah game  even though I'm not a huge sports fan, we went to Mr.Jolley's friend's house to watch it. It was a blast and I absolutely love being with those people. Last time I watched the game I cheered on BYU, but since I don't care much who wins in sports, I cheered for Mr.Jolley's team, Utah. Towards the end of the game Mr. Jolley got so sleepy. So when we got home we did our nightly routine and went to bed. 

Only 2 more days of this challenge and I want it to be the best 2 days ever. 


Life with Amberly said...

Ah, I LOVE this!!!! You both did such a great job!!! :) I've been craving IHOP for a while... I really want chocolate chip pancakes!! :P

Angela said...

Cute!! It's so amazing how our relationships change when we try being selfless for our spouses.

SaraM said...

Looks like he's joining in on your challenge! I love how small, yet significant, changes in our behavior affect those around us. You are such a great example!

Jessica Lindstrom said...

I love reading these posts! I think you should split your coke fund with me! ;)

Heather said...

That is seriously so adorable!! Where did you get the idea for this challenge?
Much love,