day 14 of being a better wife

The final day. 

This morning I woke up to the misters alarm. He had to get up for work but since Monday is my day off I just kinda laid in bed while he got ready. 

I wrapped a blanket around me and walked him to the front door. I asked him if he needed anything to be done since I had the day off and basically all he left me with was a shopping list. 

Once he had left I wrote a note and stuck it on the bathroom mirror. "Thank you for being my best friend! Love, B" After I moved from my college town, most of my friends moved on with their lives. On one hand I am glad they did, but it also has left me pretty lonely some days. My husband has stepped in and filled that role. And I wanted him to know I was grateful that he had done that. If there is something I've learned these past 14 days it's that being specific in my gratitude and love is the most important thing I can do to love my husband. 

I had planned on crockpot chicken for dinner, but when my mom asked if I wanted to meet her for lunch I of course said yes and in doing so ran out of time. So I threw some chicken in the over and made easy mashed potatoes on the stove. They were all ready right at 5:10, 5 minutes before my husband usually gets home. Then he texted me... "Hey sweetie. I'm going to be late. I'm so sorry." 

In that moment I decided it didn't make any sense for me to be frustrated. If he was going to be late it meant that he had important work to be done. So I told him to not worry about it and let me know when he was headed home so I could have dinner ready. And when he walked in the door with dinner on the table, he apologized profusely for his tardiness. I told him I totally understood and I was just glad he was home now. :) because it was the 23rd I blessed the meal. (I always bless the food on odd days and he blesses the food on even days) In the prayer I expressed sincere gratitude for Mr.Jolleys job and for his willingness to work hard. It makes it easier to see the things I have when I am grateful for them. 

For FHE we finished up our thank you cards from our wedding and watched an episode of the district, and instead of rolling my eyes when he quoted it, I laughed and smiled at appropriate times. 

He Facebook messaged a friend he hadn't talked to in awhile, and instead of demanding his attention I decided to take a bath and do my own thing. As soon as he was done he let me know and then we got ready for bed. 

He said our nightly prayer and thanked The Lord for our relationship and asked Him to help us know how to further strengthen our marriage. That Mr.Jolley, he's a keeper. 


Life with Amberly said...

I need to be better about not being frustrated when my husband is late and I'm all ready for him to eat dinner or go on a date or whatever.

grmagena said...

You are doing a FANTASTIC JOB at trying to be a good wife! Keep up the good work! I enjoy reading your posts. Can't wait to someday meet you in person!

Suzzie Vehrs said...

hi! I'm going through and meeting via blog land some of the people I met, or didn't meet (there were so many people) at the blog meet up. I love your blog! congrats on getting married btw, marriage is awesome. I think it's a great idea to work on being a good wife, the first year of marriage is so complicated as you work through your expectations and find what you really want your relationship to be like. it's definitely a beautiful journey! I doubt any really really good relationships just fall into place and work out for years without being intentional about it.

Rachael @ Pretty in Pink said...

This series is so inspiring to me, even as a single woman I am just waiting for the time God blesses me with a God-honoring man. :)