what this world really needs

Words are sacred, and must be spoken with care, 
and by constraint of the Spirit.

For in many things we offend all. 
But if any man offend not in words, the same is a perfect man, 
and also able to bridle the whole body.

Speak hopefully. Speak encouragingly,
including about yourself. 
Jeffrey R. Holland

I've been pondering on this quote for a few days. How truly powerful our words are. 

I remember I had a roommate once who went around complaining about how she was going to fail her math test and how she was so stupid. I shot her a glare and she immediately said,
"I mean, I am smart! I can pass this test! I can do it!! There. Is that better?"
She knew that I am a firm believer in positive self-talk. 

But what about the way we talk with other people? How do you usually start a conversation? I've noticed it's usually with a complaint or negative remark.
"It's hot out here isn't it?"
"This post office line couldn't get any longer."
"That lady up there could handle to wear clothes a few sizes bigger."

How are we treating other people? Are we using our words to influence for the better?

Words ARE sacred and MUST be spoken with care.

I love Hilary Weeks' new song "Say Love." Watch the video and be inspired.

This worlds needs more "I believe in you"s. It needs more cheerleaders. It needs more people willing to Say Love.

Use your words to make a difference, to cheer someone on, to spread positivity. 

And Say Love.

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Amanda Schroeder said...

You know what I really need to work on? My sarcasm. It's hard because my sarcasm is a part of who I am. But on the other hand, those who don't understand it or don't know me well enough could easily get offended with my words. And I would never want that to happen. So thanks for this, Brooklyn. You're a sweetie!

Jessica Lindstrom said...

Awesome post! Jeffrey R. Holland is the bomb!

Life with Amberly said...

You are awesome! :)