day 8 & 9 of being a better wife

Yesterday was day 8. Also a Monday. And luckily it was my last day as a stay at home wife. So I tried to keep everything extra clean. 

I purposely made a crockpot chicken recipe because I knew it could sit in the crock pot while I went to the gym to work out with my husband. (It seems like we work out a ton doesn't it?) It was a semi healthy meal, because chicken is mostly lean, and that's conducive to our trying to get healthier. So I considered that a win. 

We also held FHE at our apartment with 3 other couples from our ward. I wanted to help with the lesson, but ya know how sometimes it's just easier to let people do their own thing than try and help? That's what I was banking on. And Mr.Jolley gave a great lesson l, I picked up the donuts for the treats per his request that I buy something from the store.

I turned my phone on silent and we spent the rest of evening quietly and blissfully together. 


I started school today. It was wonderful and it made me feel way more productive. I set a personal goal to be more outgoing. My husband is SO good with people, he needs a wife who can carry on conversation well. So I vowed to be better, and I think I did pretty dang good today because I started so many conversations I can't even count them all! Cheers to that right?!

I sent him a text message that called him a mega hottie when asking about our work out. And when he kept asking me questions about how school was going, I'd answer and then turn right around and ask him how work was. I want to be a wife who is concerned about my husband's happiness and success. And I want to express that through my actions. 

Then I had a meeting with the bishop tonight and he went and did some grocery shopping at Walmart. He picked up EXACTLY what I asked for. And plenty of it. I tried to be extremely grateful. I was impressed!!

And now we are about to start watching inspirational sports movie as we wind down for the evening, a movie genre we both love. <3

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Life with Amberly said...

Hooray for being a student finally!!! :) Crockpot meals are seriously the best and so easy!