day two of being a better wife

I started out with an epic fail this morning. Mr. Jolley was packing his work out clothes and I said "We aren't working out today. I have my Paul Mitchell welcome night tonight remember?" Fail people. I don't even think I said it very kindly, but who knows, because I was still half asleep. 

So once I got up and got ready I made a game play for the day. A week from today I start cosmetology at Paul Mitchell, but for now, I'm still being a housewife. So I made a list of things that we've been needing to get done. 
Make a K Mart Return 
Grocery Shopping

I wanted to do something above and beyond what Mr. Jolley expected of me. So I thought about it for a minute and remembered how many times he's mentioned getting my car washed. It still had residue from "Just Married" and who knows what else being written on it. We've almost been married a month. Oops. So when I got groceries, I got $5 cash back in quarters and hauled my booty over to the car wash. I hand washed that puppy with all I have. Now we wait to see if Mr. Jolley says anything. Even if he doesn't, it's okay. I wanted to do it anyway, but I'll admit, I'm kind of excited about it!

I had a job interview the other day, I'm not really sure the outcome yet, but I'm not sure I would say yes even if it was offered to me. Why? It would require working Sunday's. And where Mr. Jolley's full time job provides for us, he wants me to not work as long as possible. My school schedule is almost exactly the same as his work schedule. And we want to be together in the evenings and on Sunday's. So me getting a job is selfish. I hate not having my own money. It's a pride thing. A better wife would accept that her husband doesn't need her to work if she's being a full time student. And that's exactly what I'm planning on doing. I need to accept that my husband wants to provide for me so I can finish my schooling. What do I honestly have to complain about? 

I think a better wife would think of ways to serve beyond what is expected. She'd respect her husbands wishes about how she spends her time. And that's exactly what I'm trying to do. 

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Charity said...

Wow what a sweet post. I think you are doing great at being more intentional about doing things to serve your husband. I too have had issues with not working when I was a student. I now have a photography business but it's still my husbands income that fully provides. After a while you will get used o being home and available to spend time with your husband. I wish we had figured out that spending time together was so important in the beginning of my marriage. Oh and go you washing the car, I totally miss doing that.
The Word of A Nerd

Life with Amberly said...

Hey, you saved him from taking his workout clothes for nothing, I'd say that was pretty nice of you! :) And p.s. That job requires working on Sundays?! Hmmm... Yeah, if something else came along, I'm sure you'd want to jump on it, but since you don't NEED this job, working Sundays is the worst, Joe's only had to do it a handful of times while we've been working, but it was NOT fun!

Cody Doll said...

I still love this. I love that you went to get your car washed because he mentioned it. I am going to have to remember that one.