day 11 of being a better wife

This past week I set a new goal. Before I got married I was really good at reading my scriptures personally. Once we got married we started reading as a couple before bed instead and so I decided to call that good for awhile. But this week I decided that a better wife would make that extra effort to study her scriptures to be more guided by light. So every morning I'd get ready and then the last 15 minutes before I had to leave I'd read them and take that time to ponder for myself on how I could be a better wife. 

We got to carpool again today. And when I made it to his work to pick him up after our days I realized I was super early. So I went up to the 6th floor to wait. He stayed almost an extra 20 minutes while I just sat on the floor of his cubicle. I wanted to complain and tell him that I was ready to head home and he needed to hurry up, but a better wife would be patient, after all he was just trying to wrap things up for the weekend. And as we left he apologized for taking so long and thanked me for being patient. That Mr. Jolley notices those kind of things.

We had a low key Friday night, luckily I didn't marry a partier. He's been sick and I had school in the morning. So we decided to crash around 10:30. After our nightly routine of reading scriptures and then praying, I climbed into bed and cuddled him. And we both drifted off to sleep. 

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