day four of being a better wife

Yesterday was fairly uneventful. I spent the morning lounging about being totally unproductive reading blogs and what not, and then I spent 3 hours on a lunch date with a blogger turned real life friend Brielle. (She's also the one who set me up on a blind date with my now husband!)

After that I did everything I could to make sure the apartment was clean. I did the dishes, took out the trash, pick up things I had haphazardly left lying around and began to write some thank you cards. Getting married inevitably leads to a never ending search for addresses to mail thank you cards to. But since Mr.Jolley works all day, I decided it could be my job to do that part of the newlywed life. He was so grateful when he found out I was writing thank you's to people from "his side." 

We worked out for 45 minutes at the gym at my husband's work as soon as he was off. Then we hustled home, changed and met up with his brother and some friends at the Oquirrh Mountain temple. Being in the temple ALWAYS makes me love my husband more. And I decided since I hadn't done too much intentional loving today, I would pray for him. 

I started out praying for myself. That I would be shown where I can improve, and learn to be even more grateful for all he does. I wanted God to help me recognize my roles in this season of my life. And then I prayed for Mr.Jolley. Feverently. For success in his work, for safety when we are away, that his eyes could recognize all the good that I see in him. Etc, etc, etc. and by the time I saw him again, I couldn't resist stealing a smooch. A little PDA outside the temple was never a crime right? 

We went to In n Out Burger after. We decided to split a cheeseburger meal. I went to town on the burger and ate all but one bite... So much for my commitment to put him first always. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day right? ;)


Life with Amberly said...

I'd say you did a pretty great job! Cleaned the apartment, wrote thank you cards, worked out with him, went to the temple, had a dinner date! I LOVE it!!! :) Way to be girl!!!

Cody Doll said...

Haha. So cute. I love these post. I think they are great. I really need to learn from you about being more grateful. I hardly do anything for man and it needs to change.

Angela said...

Praying for my husband always makes me feel closer to him!