day 13 of being a better wife

Sunday. My favorite day of the week. I really always forget how nice they are. 

I had thought about continuing to sleep in when my alarm went off, but I decided that a better wife would get up and get ready so she could look her very best for her husband. 

Mr. Jolley gave me his cold so we went to some of church and then we came home to rest. We seriously spent the whole day cuddling and watching movies. Between sleeping and movies the day went by so fast! But it was much needed. We both talked about how grateful we were that we bth have Sundays off so we can spend that quality time together that our relationship so desperately needs. It made me grateful that I turned down that job that wanted me to work Sundays. 

We made cookies while watching a movie. And Mr.Jolley wanted us to try and use spray butter instead of regular so it would be less fattening. Guys, let it be written. THAT DOESNT WORK. They were disgusting. But instead of either of us getting frustrated with the other, we laughed. It was hilarious. 

Sometimes being a better wife just means giving your full attention for a full day to your husband, and relishing in the moments that you have been so blessed to receive. 

Tomorrow is the last day! I am beyond excited and plan to go out with a bang!


Angela said...

Can't wait to see what you do for your last day!

Life with Amberly said...

You are sweet! :) I've loved that you pay attention to what you're doing and what he's doing as well! :)