love story part three: waiting for the first date

It was Thursday. I messaged him back.


Me: Oh for sure! I'd absolutely love that  we can message on here or you can text me, either way works! You choose!

Him: If you trust texting a stranger I'm all for that  because I don't always have access to the internet. Here's my number...


You guys, he legitly didn't ask for my number. He gave me HIS. He's lucky I texted him. 

The crazy thing was we immediately hit it off. OVER TEXTING. I was sneaking peeks at my phone during my practicum at the elementary school. He was texting during his work training. I couldn't get enough.

Within 24 hours of texting we talked about him taking me out. We planned Monday. He asked if he could take me out Monday AND Tuesday. I told him he could ask me out again Monday night if he was still interested, that way it wouldn't be awkward if one date was enough. After all he was going to be making a 2 hour drive just to take me out. No reason to do that two nights in a row if he didn't want to. We still hadn't talked on the phone. I justified that because it was a blind it didn't matter. In fact, I'm pretty awkward on the phone, so I was glad he didn't call to ask me out.

Monday couldn't come fast enough. From the day we first started talking to our first date seemed like a month. And then when it did finally come I started freaking out. Which is SO unlike me. I NEVER get nervous for dates. I was so upset at myself. Why on earth was I freaking out? I suppose I knew this date was either going to be wonderfully amazing or suuuuuuper awkward. 

I had class until 7 pm that night. He would be off work at 5:30 and would make it to Logan a little after I got done. 

Brielle asked me what I was wearing. So I sent her this from my Educational Psychology class. I was rockin a polka dot top, black leggings and brown boots. Ya know, breaking all sorts of fashion rules.

I lived on the third floor and I knew I'd be able to see him walking in so I watched from the window. About 7:15 I spotted him. Flowers in his hand. I swooned. My girlfriends screamed. And then came the knock at the door....

(to be continued)

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Maegen Mills said...

Love. Love. Love. Especially that he gave you HIS number.

Night Owl said...

love it when the guy just gives you his number. the guy i'm talking to do did that. LOL and seems sweet. and got to love the flowers part. romance is a must.