love story part six: first kiss & officialness

After texting and snap chatting over Easter weekend, I didn't want to even THINK about any other boy EVER. All the missionaries I had been writing started to get letter-neglected, and the boys I'd text just to flirt with had empty inboxes. I was smitten and ready to commit.

The boy felt the same way. But we didn't want to become "official" over texting. So we agreed that he could ask me the next date we went on.

That next date couldn't come fast enough! That Monday he picked me up after his long almost 2 hour drive to my place and we went and fed the ducks at a nearby dam. He still hadn't kissed me.

We talked. And talked. And talked. I asked him what kind of reservations he had about a relationship and he asked me the same. I kept looking up at him, hoping he'd lean in to kiss me. Not yet.

We finished tossing the bread and then went and sat down. I remember the amazing feeling of laying my head on his shoulder and him kissing my forehead. Then after a few nervous glances at my lips, he finally went in for the kiss. A perfect, soft and sweet first kiss.

And just like that I had my first official boyfriend. Most of the night is now a blur. I remember going back to my apartment, deciding together that we wanted to be "Facebook official" and laughing over the absurdity of our now anniversary, April 1st. 

The girl who set us up posted this on Twitter that night. 

APRIL FOOLS! We weren't joking around. We were in it for the long haul.

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Jennie Grange said...

Your love stories are the cutest!

Ashley Z. said...

april fools day?? hahah! I love that!

Night Owl said...


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