disneyland tips: what disney character are you most like?

One of my most favorite things to do in Disneyland is something that is fairly hidden. Inside the Disney Animation building (down by Tower of Terror) there is a place called Sorcerer's Workshop. You get to walk past some fun displays and then you make it to The Beast's Library. Where you can take a seat and take a quiz to find out what Disney character you are most like.

It's always air conditioned, which is SUPER nice on those hot days. And even though there are limited stations, it is hardly ever very crowded in there. It's a nice place to go relax for awhile.

Inside Animation Academy is a few other treats too, like Turtle Talk with Crush, Animation Academy where you learn to draw a Disney character, and you can just sit and listen to Disney music and enjoy a spectacular view of screens showing clips from Disney movies that match the music. It's truly one of my favorite places in all of Disneyland. Have you ever been? 

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Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

a similar area in disney world is found in the animation building at hollywood studios! (but turtle talk with crush is at epcot at the seas pavilion!)

Becca Fotheringham said...

Seeing as how my Disneyland trip is in 4 days, and that I didn't know about this at all, feel free to share all your random tips with me :)
Love ya Brooklyn!

Angela said...

Soooo... Which one are you!?

Harley said...

this is so fun! I remember doing this when i was there. i totally got belle.